A fitness tracker is an awesome medium to monitor and improve the day to day activities of the persons. The person is required to specify data such as height, weight, age etc. to get the better track of the fitness by the sensors that are incorporated into the fitness tracker.
Most famous of the sensors that are there in the fitness tracker is the motion sensors that monitors and tracks our body movements.
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Wearable fitness tracker measure steps- How?

A fitness band or wearable tracker senses our body movements on a 3-axis accelerometer. It enables the tracker to track whether the individual is running fast, walking forward or he/she is standing still by recoding all the data.
Data is then led to further processing. When the processing of data takes place in the fitness tracker, it is transferred to the software that is incorporated or associated with the fitness tracker on the smartphone or laptop with which it is synchronized. As the individual has already fed the person details in the app, the data collected is run through a personalized alogorithm that makes it convenient to the software to detect what the different movements recorded actually imply.
The movement is then categorized into different activities that offer more information on the basis of these details. In the fitness tracker app, these are stored under different headings
When the individual taps the app, it offers a wide variety of information that is ready from the processed data. It helps the individual to know how many steps have been taken by which and at what pace. It also calculates the number of calories that are likely to get burnt at that time. It helps the individual to track the number of calories in the convenient and user friendly manner.
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How it help an Individual?

Bingo F4 Fitness Band or Bingo F0s Fitness band also help to notify incoming calls & social media messages such as Fb, WhatsApp, We Chat etc.. Fitness tracking goals can be set such as drinking a set of glasses of water, burning a specific number of calories, basic regular exercise activities. It helps an individual in self-monitoring their activities.
It motivates the individual by showing how much of a goal has been actually achieved. It is very convenient to use. An individual might be having the goal of losing some weight. By using the algorithms available in the app, this goal is break up into different heads. Now there is a target of calories need to consume per day. The app then figure out how much of the work out or exercise need to be done in the day. In this way an individual knows a lot by a single swipe of a phone.
It helps the individual to lose weight. Ability to monitor how much of a target is actually achieved is a good boost up for the individual who is trying to get involved in the weight lose process.
There is also provision to share these progress stats on social media sites with friends and families using the app.

. How it help in scientific research?

For fitness scientific research, the number of individuals that can monitor in the laboratory is less as compared to the ones that are tested using the various fitness trackers. Thus the fitness trackers or fitness bands can target much larger group of people at a faster pace when there is undergoing research for fitness levels.
There is other alternative to depend on activity logs kept by the volunteer or to rely on clinical interviews. It is less accurate and time consuming data that we are getting through these methodology as compared to the fitness trackers that are fast processing and can target a larger group of people in the shorter time. It brings up the revolution to the fitness science research.
Bingo Fitness Bands such as Bingo F0s or Bingo F4 Fitness Band helps in weight loss, scientific research for fitness and more fitness tracking in a convenient and well coordinated manner.