A decade back, who would have even thought that a day would come when an advanced watch by the name of smartwatch would be ‘the next big thing’ in the market? Well, somebody did; that’s why they exist today. But what all necessary details should we know about these watches that work like a cell phone, fitness tracker, alarm clock, and what not! We have prepared a complete list of features/functions that will update your knowledge on smart watches. Give it a read.



You can connect your smart phone with the smart watch through Bluetooth.


Ensure that the smart watch works well with your mobile phone as you need to pair them to receive access to apps, incoming calls, texts and e-mails. Operating System Bear in mind that the operating system of your phone must suit your smart watch. Display Smart watches either have a colourful LCD screen or an AMOLED display that facilitate clear viewing with bright colours and rich images. This is a known fact that coloured displays consume more power. Touch or Buttons Your convenience and preference would dictate what you would choose between the two. However, if old school designs catch your eyes, then you can opt for devices with physical buttons. Though we all know that touch screens are preferred by more people.  Have a look at these fabulous bingo smartwatches..


Most smart watches possess features like remote camera, anti-lost function, calendar, and calculator. Smart watches also have integrated features like that of a fitness tracker. It’s built in Pedometer feature keeps a track of the number of steps taken by you and also displays the distance covered by you in kilometers.

The heart rate sensor shows your accurate heart rate in bpm (beat per minute) on the screen. Many smart watches come with the GPS feature that is best suited for people who remain outdoors for most of the time.

The sleep monitor feature updates your sleep-wake cycle by keeping a track of the number of hours you are awake.

Battery life What is the use of a smart watch if it requires you to charge it repeatedly? Though battery life varies from model to model, but you should always go for a model with longer battery life, that lasts for at least one day. Fit Finally, check the size of the wrist band of the watch to make sure that it fits you well and is comfortable to wear even for longer duration of time.