A healthy lifestyle can help you feel good, both, physically and mentally. This Bingo fitness band comes equipped with a pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, sleep monitor, and more to help you keep track of your fitness stats throughout the day. It also comes with a rating of IP67, which denotes that it is water resistant. This way, you can use it while working in the kitchen or while walking in light rain.

Product Description

This Bingo fitness smart band is here to help you stay in shape so that you can look and feel your best and stay healthy at the same time. It comes with a pedometer, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, and other features that help monitor the distance covered, the number of calories consumed, the quality of your sleep and so on. This way, you get a better understanding of your daily activity and you can take measures to improve your exercise regime accordingly.

Call Reminder

Whether it’s a call or a text message, you can slightly shake this smart band to remind you of important tasks.

Sleep Monitoring and Silent Alarm Clock

This lightweight smart band makes sure that you feel comfortable wearing it while exercising and throughout the day as well. It makes use of intelligent hardware that can track and analyse your sleep quality, sleep duration and depth. It can also provide valuable guidance to improve your sleep quality. With its alarm clock, this device can wake you up from your slumber with a slight vibration.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitoring

This device makes use of the photoelectric heart rate sensing technology that supports static and dynamic heart detection. It provides blood pressure detection and automatically records the data. This helps you keep a careful eye on your health. Water Resistant and Dust-proof This fitness smart band comes with an IP67 rating that makes it water resistant. This way, you can wear the device while working in your kitchen, in light drizzling conditions, etc. It makes use of a short penetration foam that prevents corrosion.

Builds a Periodic Health Data Chart

Once this smart band records your daily steps, distance covered, and calories burnt, it provides you with safe and comprehensive health data and displays it on the mobile app as a health data chart. You can use this chart as a reference point whenever you want.

Clear and Big Screen

This fitness smart band comes with a clear, big screen with soft light technology to give you a better visual experience. You can switch its interface with a light touch.

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