Bingo Warranty

All about Bingo Technologies Warranty


Smart Watches: 1 year Bluetooth: 6 months VR box: 6 months The following instructions are to be clearly followed:

1) Warranty period

During the warranty period, Bingo India can repair or replace the product mentioned on the product summary details and the invoice samples that are to be strictly followed by the customer.

2) Non –transferable Warranty:

The warranty is confirmed only to the first party buyer.

3) The person to contact for the Warranty services of the product.

You can directly contact our product branch for your services related queries.


  • If you need servicing of your products than you must know that your product come under servicing can have software issues, physically damaged condition and if extra parts are to be used in that than you need to pay for that.
  • You must have written statement to prove that the product is under warranty.
  • The warranty information of the product features and details are subject to change without notice.
  • All product related disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Delhi court.
  • Don’t try to do modifications with the circuitry of the product yourself or by any other unauthorized personnel.
  • Read the instructions as per defined in the user manual.
  • Keep the product as per the predefined conditions.
  • The product logo and serial number should not be removed by the user.
  • Improper installation, color fade, damage and break of product shall not be liable for replacement of products.