Bingo FAQ's

Your most common queries about Bingo are here..

Open your smart watch Bluetooth and search for your smart phone >> after pairing you can easily synchronize your smart watch with phone.

Please check the battery once, Plug in the source for the electric switch outlet, and Keep it on charging for some time then press on the power plug.

Please install BT notifies App in remote devices through Google play store in your Smart Phone.

Physical fitness has always been in concern, so more people are looking for ways to exercise in the daily routines. We have a more efficient product for you that can help you in your daily activities. Pedometer can help you for recording the distance travelled by foot by recording the number of steps. It can be adopted as a tool to avoid insufficient or excessive exercise by collecting data accordingly. If you want to return to the main menu and want your pedometer to work still then press the power button.
In the pedometer menu, click start,
Go to the options>>GO to the Goals>> Set your Steps>>Height and Weight accordingly and now start measuring you health status. You can also check your status history of your health, it can record steps, consumed calorie, distance etc.

Click to power and your sleep time will be recorded to show your quality of sleep and check the history in the options.

You can use Bluetooth pairing for synchronizing and USB cable for data transfer that comes along with the smart watch.

GO to the setting>>Power on the Bluetooth device >>Visibility on>>
Now click on the Bluetooth icon of your Smart Watch>>Search new device >>Make sure that the Bluetooth of the new device is also on>> Now click on the option to choose the device you want to connect with >>Pair it with your device.

It normally takes 1 hour to complete charge the watch.

To download the applications you need to first scan you the code of your Smart Watch with Smart Phone by downloading an application QR code scanner from Google Play Store.